Asking Alexandria




Danny Worsnop - Vocals
Ben Bruce - Guitar / Vocals
Cameron Liddell - Guitar
Sam Bettley - Bass
James Cassells - Drums

Since 2008, Asking Alexandria have paved a path of their own, distilling danger and excess into an equally dangerous hybrid of stadium rock ambition, metallic energy, and electronic ecstasy. Against all odds, they achieved unprecedented success earmarked by two gold-certified singles (namely, “Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel)” and “Not The American Average”), over a billion cumulative streams and views, and three consecutive top 10 debuts on the Billboard Top 200—Reckless & Relentless [2011], From Death to Destiny [2013], and The Black [2016]. 

Fanning the flame like never before, the quintet—Ben Bruce [guitar, backing vocals], Danny Worsnop [lead vocals], James Cassells [drums], Cameron Liddell [guitar], and Sam Bettley [bass]—burn even brighter on their 2020 sixth full-length, Like A House On Fire [Sumerian Records]. “We don’t take the easy road,” exclaims Ben. “We take the difficult road that leads to something spectacular. That’s how we’ve always been. When we were kids, we moved to America with no money and lived in a carpark to make this happen. Obviously, we’ve had a turbulent past and history, from drugs and alcohol to Danny’s departure and return. So, it feels like every album we hear the same thing, ‘You guys need to prove yourselves again!’ We spent ten years growing the most insane fan base though. We did this album for us and our fans. That’s it. We’re still here. We’re not going anywhere. We don’t have anything to prove. This time, we said, ‘Fuck you. We’re doing this our way’.

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