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††† - ††† 'Opaque White' Vinyl

$20.00 USD

This is a copy of the Crosses self-titled 12" gatefold 'Opaque White' vinyl. There is a digital download card in each package. Killer Merch has 200 in stock and when they are gone, they are gone for good! Make a collector's day with this amazing record and amazing piece. 


***Due to the limited and exclusive availability of this item, only 5 units of this title and variant are available for purchase per customer. We make every effort to ensure all fans have an opportunity to enjoy the merchandise from their favorite artist, and thank you again for your support!


  1. This Is a Trick
  2. Telepathy
  3. Bitches Brew
  4. Thholyghst
  5. Trophy
  6. The Epilogue
  7. Bermuda Locket
  8. Frontiers
  9. Nineteen Ninety Four
  10. Option
  11. Nineteen Eighty Seven
  12. Blk Stallion
  13. Cross
  14. Prurient
  15. Death Bell