Drag Me Out




Denis Stoff - Vocals
Stas Belov - Guitar
Easy Target - Bass
Chris Nokia - Drums

Music provides the ultimate release. A song can pull emotions out, lay them bare, and offer relief better than any medicine. Drag Me Out sound a clarion call to let go, scream aloud, and feel alive again. The European alternative metal quartet—Denis Stoff [vocals], Stas Belove [guitar], Easy Target [bass], and Chris Nokia [drums]—brave often insurmountable circumstances in order to deliver such catharsis on their 2019 full-length debut, Pressure[Sumerian Records].
“The band is called Drag Me Out, because we needed that,” exclaims Denis. “You can speak to a lot of people, and they’re fucking depressed these days. They need somebody to drag them out of it. We needed that as well,” he repeats. “I really needed it. This is honest in every single word.”
Denis reached out to longtime friends Belov, Easy Target, and Nokia to jam. Together, they formed Drag Me Out in 2018. They self-produced the eleven tracks that would comprise Pressure. Lyrically, Stoff drew on the disintegration of a long-term relationship, the struggles of his family in war-torn Ukraine, otherworldly, ghostly themes, and “deep feelings, magic, miraculous, paranormal, and unusual subjects,”as he says. Musically, the record unlocked a sound that bordered on hard-hitting metal, haunting electronic music, and rock energy introduced by the single “I’m Sorry.” Right out of the gate, it clocked over 1 million cumulative on-demand streams and heralded Drag Me Out as a force.
“This record is pretty deep and personal,” Stoff leaves off. “I speak about a lot of different subjects and real shit. There’s a lot of love and feelings. I hope people read into it and hear the story I’m trying to tell. It’s our story, and it might help them the way it helped us.”  


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