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Endur - 'American Parasite' Seafood Rose Hoodie Bundle

$40.00 USD

Endur's new album 'American Parasite' is now available.  Don't miss your chance to score one of these bundles while you can!

This bundle includes:
  • A physical, digipak copy of the new album, 'American Parasite'
  • An 18 X 24 inch album artwork poster*
  • The 'Seafood Rose' Hoodie
    • Cotton blend hoodie
    • Heather grey hoodie featuring the 'Flower' design from Endur printed on the front in multi-color ink

ENDUR - American Parasite

  1. White Noise
  2. Death Angel
  3. All of them Witches
  4. Coven
  5. Infestation
  6. American Parasite
  7. Hyperdrive
  8. Abduction
  9. Loosh Sucker
  10. Astral
  11. Dream Eater
  12. The Possessed
  13. Light Angel 

*Make sure you also add a poster tube to your order if you would like your poster to arrive free of folds! You can find this in the 'Poster Tube' category in the 'Categories' drop-down at the top of the page.