JT Cavey - Vocals
Jesse Cash - Guitar/Vocals
Alex Ballew - Drums
Conor Hesse - Bass
Sean Price - Guitar

Erra is a 5 piece progressive metalcore band from Birmingham, AL. The group has a deep catalogue comprised of 4 LP's and 2 EP's. Their latest effort, Neon, outlines the group's diverse and emotional musicianship and lyrical genius. 2018 has been a tour-heavy year as the band has supported their efforts by accompanying acts such as August Burns Red, Dance Gavin Dance, and Between The Buried and Me. Erra continues to grow internationally after supporting their first European and Australian tours in 2017. JT Cavey [vocals], Jesse Cash [guitar, vocals], Alex Ballew [drums], Sean Price [guitar], and Conor Hesse [bass]—invite everyone to join them inside this sonic swell.  


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