Sleeping With Sirens - 'Complete Collapse' CD

Sleeping With Sirens - 'Complete Collapse' CD


**PLEASE NOTE: This item is a pre-order and will ship around the October 14th release date. Mock-ups are not actual representations / actual items may vary**

Sleeping With Sirens - 'Complete Collapse' Tracklist:

  1. Tyrants
  2. Complete Collapse 
  3. Crosses (feat. Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath)
  4. Family Tree 
  5. Let You Down (feat. Charlotte Sands)
  6. Be Happy (feat. Royal & The Serpent) 
  7. Us (feat. Dorothy) 
  8. Ctrl + Alt + Del
  9. Bloody Knuckles 
  10. Mr. Nice Guy
  11. Apathetic 
  12. Grave 


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