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Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale - 'Boom Boom Room' CD Digipak


The Palaye Royale album 'Boom Boom Room' was debuted through Sumerian Records on June 24th, 2016.

  1. Don't Feel Quite Right
  2. How Do You Do?
  3. My Youth Generation
  4. Mr. Doctor Man
  5. Sick Boy Soldier
  6. Live Like We Want To
  7. Ma Chérie (Feat. Kellin Quinn)
  8. Too Many People
  9. Where Is The Boom?
  10. Clockwork
  11. Warhol
  12. Rag Doll
  13. All My Friends
  14. Get Higher (Bonus Track)
  15. White (Bonus Track)