The Z ♡ ☽ I △ ☾ Membership

Starbenders wants YOU to join The Z ♡ ☽ I △ ☾ - a hybrid fan club offering astrological-glam-themed tangible membership kits that are mailed straight to your door, as well as exclusive access to the online fan club, live video chats with the band and more.
Look up at the night sky and let your feet slowly lift from the ground. As an IПIƬƬΣ, you're not only levitating into a constellation of Starbenders fans just like you, you're also tapping into an entire galaxy of fan benefits! Your first stop on the way up to the Heavens is receiving your very own Zodiac Membership Kit by mail. Your kit will include the following:
  • Official Zodiac Membership Card
  • The Zodiac’s Zine Issue #1 
  • Starbenders Prints
    • 4 - 8x10 band member photos
    • 1 - 18x24 full band poster
  • Starbenders Coloring Pages
  • Zodiac Sticker Pack
As part of the Zodiac, you'll also receive exclusive access to the IПIƬƬΣ channel on the Starbenders Discord - the band’s online fanbase. This is where you can chat with your fellow IПIƬƬΣƧ and also where band members are more likely to pop in and chat!

IПIƬIΛƬΣ Monthly Membership - $3

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