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Poppy - "I Disagree (More)" Vinyl


Poppy - "I Disagree (More)" 2xLP Gatefold Vinyl
w/ Black & White Galaxy & Die-Cut Picture Disc

Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side A
1. Concrete
2. I Disagree
4. Anything Like Me
5. Fill The Crown

Side B
6. Nothing I Need
7. Sit / Stay
8. Bite Your Teeth
9. Sick of the SUn
10. Don't Go Outside

Side C
11. If It Bleeds (Bonus Track)
12. Bleep Bloop (Bonus Track)

Side D
13. Khaos x4 (Bonus Track)
14. Don't Ask (Bonus Track)

** PLEASE NOTE: This was a pre-order and will ship by January 8th 2021
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